Testimonials What People Are Saying

"This powerful book is a fascinating chronicle of self-discovery leading to self-improvement, as well as a remarkable conversation between a doctor and his patient. I am confident that potential patients for gastric bypass surgery will find comfort in Nick Mirrione's thoughtful and honest example. The book might even save a few lives."

Frederick Clark
Bridgewater State University

"The book is courageous and insightful into the struggles that most bariatric patients face on a daily basis. Nick shares his personal issues and analyzes them well. I think this book should be required reading for patients prior to surgery so that they may avoid some of the common pitfalls."

Neil Floch
MD Bariatric Surgeon
Fairfield County Bariatrics

“As a nurse for Nick’s primary care physician, I witnessed Nick’s journey firsthand. Not only was it amazing, it inspired me to take the same path. I struggled with obesity as Nick had. His success was my motivation. I lost 150 pounds and it changed my life. Nick’s story is a must-read.”

Pauline Masiello
Medical Assistant

“As someone who shares the journey, if not the path, so thoughtfully chronicled in Who Is This Guy? , I can attest to its authenticity and its value to anyone suffocating under the weight of obesity. The physical, emotional and psychological aspects of weight gain and loss are so much more complex than any of us ever realized. Who we are, and why we are who are, lie at the heart of redirecting our life paths. Taking those first steps is half the battle, as Mirrione and Forse narrate. But the war is fought on an internal plain. Mirrione and Forse have given all of us a battle plan for a better life.”

Chazy Dowaliby
The Patriot Ledger

““Who Is This Guy?” is a gripping tale of weight loss, and of so much more. It is the story of a man’s journey to overcome food addiction and compulsive overeating that led him to weigh over 500 lbs. and lose all sense of himself. This tale narrates every step this patient and his doctor took to identify and treat the physical and psychological issues that had taken over his life.”

"The book drew me in from the moment Nick introduced himself. I cringed at Nick’s struggles with compulsive overeating and his weight. I dared to hope when he met Dr. Forse. I cheered each bit of progress as the patient and doctor worked together to understand and overcome Nick’s history. I couldn’t put the book down! The book will resonate with any of the millions of obese individuals on the planet, along with people who have ever struggled with environmental factors beyond their control."

Alex Brecher
Founder & CEO

"This is a beautifully constructed account following the paths of two men and their respective experiences with bariatric surgery and how woven together their lives, the lives of surgeon (Dr Forse) and patient (Nick), have to be for their ultimately successful outcome. A very quick read, like a gripping work of fiction where I couldn't put it down until I knew who Nick was, or would become. Each subsequent chapter pulled me in deeper. I found myself wanting a diagnosis for Nick. He so generously allows the reader in, allows us to gain insight and empathy into his life, the complex life of a person living with obesity. This sneak peek into the psychosocial factors that can have such a profound influence on a man's quest to conquer his compulsion can serve as a guide to those needing more than a medical scare to change their lifestyle and relationship with food. Even without a diagnosis of obesity or addictive personality, readers will gain something personally from this story. Perhaps for some, reading this will provide that last glimmer of hope and options in an all too oft bleak future."

Lenore Herget
Massachusetts General Hospital

"Obesity medicine is a newly christened field, and doctors and patients who treat and struggle both go through a journey which is powerfully detailed in WHO IS THIS GUY. Written by patient Nick and his surgeon (Dr Forse) this is a saga which will ring true for many Americans suffering from Obesity the disease.

We now know that Obesity is truly a disease caused by the interaction between genes and our environment, and our environment has changed over the past 100 years to one where food is available everywhere and anywhere. Our highly processed food supply is developed to specifically target our reward system and thus those of us who have the genetics to succumb to addictive behaviors revolving around food - will in this environment especially under stress.

This science is woven into this story of one man's struggle to conquer his addiction to food and survive this new disease, for the sake of himself and his family. The surgeon Dr Armour Forse is a leader in the field and is a true healer in every sense of the word.

A page turner for those of us who are in the field as well as those of us who want to know more about this new affliction."

Caroline M Apovian, MD
Director, Nutrition and Weight Management
Professor of Medicine
Boston University School of Medicine